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Mar 6, 2011 10:00am PST
>> we're not terrorist suspects. >>> coming up, u.s. muslim groups working to prevent extremism from taking hold in their communities. >> we're not terrorist suspects. we are america's brightest prospects. >>> plus, author mary karr on battling alcoholism and depression, and finding a haven in the roman catholic church. >>> welcome. i'm kim lawton, sitting in for bob abernethy. thank you for joining us. international humanitarian groups raced to help refugees fleeing the violence and chaos in libya this week. more than 200,000 people have arrived at the borders between libya and tunisia and egypt. the international red cross and red crescent societies are leading efforts to provide food, water, and sanitation, as well as medical help for the wounded. islamic relief has deployed teams of doctors and aid workers. and libya's small christian community sought help for people who have taken refuge in churches and church-run facilities. >>> religious and political leaders around the world condemned the assassination of shahbaz bhatti, the only christian to serve in pakistan's cabinet.
Mar 13, 2011 8:30am EDT
several witnesses testified that the u.s. muslim community is not doing enough to counterradic counterradicalism in its midst. family members described who you two american muslims were recruited by extremisextremists. the president said his faith is being hijacked by what he called a political movement promoting radicalization. >> we have a problem, where is that? it's a minority but there's an ideology that exifs in some masks, not all, not a majority, but some, and it's a significant number. >> reporter: religious groups mobilized throughout the hearing. in new york, interfaith supporters joined thousanded s muslims. a smaller counterrally alleged that muslims are linked to terrorism. and some in the faith community said congress should be looking into this. >> name another religion where there's an international coordinated effort today where there could be an imam in yemen talking to a member of our mill tale in texas to carry out an attack on troops or young people recruited. it's not happening. >> reporter: u.s. islamic advocacy groups accuse congress of unfairly singlin
Mar 27, 2011 8:30am EDT
u.s. when catholic and noncatholic hospitals merge catholic bishops can make decisions about women's health and some doctors object. >> we can make that decision, but then it has to be okayed by someone else who puts their belief systems and their ethics on me and on my patients, which i just don't think is right. >>> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. tensions are rising in israel, gaza and the west bank after this week's escalation of violence. faith-based groups are among those condemning wednesday's deadly bombing at a bus stop in jerusalem, the first major attack in jerusalem in four years. one person died and more than two dozen others were wounded. several u.s. jewish groups expressed their outrage. the group churches for middle east peace also denounced the violence and called on the international community to take more action to restart the peace process. in libya, fighting continued between gadhafi loyalists and the rebels, despite the international military intervention. and amid the violence, new concerns are now being raised about a potential huma
Mar 20, 2011 8:30am EDT
lawton in washington. >>> meanwhile, u.s. officials continue to search for effective responses to the ongoing political and military upheavals in other parts of the arab world. secretary of state hillary clinton visited egypt and tunisia, urging governments there to establish democracy and uphold human rights for all citizens. and there were rising concerns about violent clashes between sunni and shiite muslims in bahrain. >>> as turmoil swept the middle east and disasters struck japan, we thought of religious believers we visited last summer in maine -- the three surviving shakers. their mission, they say, is to help create the kingdom of god on earth, in this life. >> reporter: just sabbath day like lake central maine, the last shaker community straddles an old road in the midst of 1800 acres of forest and farmland. at its peak, there were nearly now, the three remaining are brother arnold hadd, 53. he came here when he was 20. sister june carpenter is 72 and too shy for an interview. she has been here for 21 years. and sister frances carr is 83. she was brought here when she was 10
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)